Facing a Feared Medium - Watercolor

Here's a look at how one of my paintings develop using watercolor brush pens. I use a few different brands but the link will give you an idea. Along with the watercolor brush pens I use the brush pens you have to fill with water - similar to these. The other tools I use doing these paintings is a mixed media pad and paper towel. This style has continued over the past few years for me. I didn't like watercolor at all when I was in college. It took many years to let go of control some other mediums offered and just give in to watercolor. Now, I love it. Focusing on painting the face lets me show so many different emotions. I can't stop. Someone close to me said a few years ago that the faces were becoming "redundant". Can you believe it? I told him I'd stop doing them when they stop coming to me. :)

Until next time... XO