Commitment to Quality

I take complete pride in the quality of my service and am committed to delivering a great experience.



Due to the nature of the customization of these products, returns and refunds are not offered once shipped.

Proofs will be required to sign off on for approval before printing begins.  Once printing has begun there are no refunds offered.  If you entered the wrong information and approved the final proof, we will not provide a refund.
If printing has begun and an error is realized or changes need to be made on your part, I will accommodate those changes understanding a $100.00 change fee will be incurred which includes my time and supplies ordered. 
In addition, rush fees for additional supplies needed to be re-ordered and possibly shipped quickly to meet our shipping time frame will also be charged.


If a cancellation is needed at any time during the process before printing begins, a refund will be issued minus $100.00 design fee which includes my time and minus the cost of supplies ordered. If you request a refund and receive it, you agree your acceptance of the refund constitutes your sole and exclusive remedy with respect to the order refunded.

In turn, it is my responsibility to provide you with the attention and care to deliver a quality product that you are totally thrilled with and one I would expect to receive myself.



Designs, including paintings, within this site may not be copied in any part, resold, sub-licensed, rented, transferred or otherwise made available for use. The designs, including paintings, here within may not be placed on any website in a complete or in any part representing your own design product. Making modifications or alterations to any of the designs, including paintings, does not allow you to take ownership to then sell or license them.



Due to the nature of downloaded files, they are not eligible for returns or refunds.

If there are any issues with the files once downloaded, please reach out so I can remedy.

Before purchase, check that you have the design software to use the files.

You ARE allowed to…

• Use the downloads for any personal projects

• Modify the downloads in shape, color, size and/or file format and use the modified files according to these
   license terms for any personal project


You ARE NOT allowed to…

• Use the downloads for commercial projects

• Use the downloads in a design that you resell not even a part of the image

• Download and sell, sub-license, rent, transfer or otherwise make available for use

• Place on any website in a complete or any part as an archived downloadable format

• Download, make modifications or alterations and sell or license as your own



By using my services, whether as a Guest or Client, you consent to the collection and use of your information for the sole purpose of creating custom files.  Your information will only be used by me and not sold to any other company.  You will automatically be included on my mailing list and can unsubscribe any time.


* These policies will be updated as needed.  Please check this page periodically to stay informed.

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