Beautiful Eyes


Your eyes cut through the bullshit I show
you’re not stupid
see everything i already know

speak only to me in those beautiful eyes
as they gaze upon the crowd
continue to tell myself lies and
feed into the weight of doubt

connection doesn’t need to be seen in face but trust the heart to race and trace it back to delicate lace where the mind narrates space

help me let go, what will never show but felt so deep…
innocent mind makes stories to keep

stories to comfort and hold you tight through the night and distance

just let me weep

sad release of not to come but in my-self? love not be undone

unspoken words heard loud and clear

bullshit reigns in this house my dear until

you can taste explanation in tear.

speak only to me in those beautiful eyes
as they gaze upon the crowd
continue to tell myself lies and
feed into the weight of doubt

help me let go, what will never show but felt so deep…
innocent mind makes stories to keep

stories’ happy ending of life stages blending and love. Finally.  Unending.


Trains and planes ground me here, soul to lift yet roots appear
reach so far yet chains secure, let me roam enough endured

one time here all we’re given, before we reunite in heaven
raw connection sought and found, sink in too so we can drowned

drowned out those hurtful words souls flying birds vision blurred until…

Fluid movement fill our lungs, embraced to one love on tongue
freely give in come undone, hearts have sung

ground no more beneath our feet, roots and chains unleash retreat
no more, no more,
never more




Pinned arms right here beneath your weight;
Release exhale before too late

Eyes locked mine can’t look away
The space between, no words to say

Can’t look away
Can’t look away
Babe please look away.

Accept the love by losing grasp
Tighten hold til moments last

Lips on mine to lick the taste of
Space between - will never waste

Holdin tight the fear to lose
The only touch to create my muse

Edge to come cant be erased
Fingertips to start the race

Race to me
Race to me
Race to me love

Hold down with wanting, gentle touch
Embrace the hurt with lust to love

Lust to love
Lust to love
Lust turned to love

Giving in strength is gone
Accept the life of living lone

Hold on tight in absence long
Stronghold of the depth of song

Words secure only tighten hands
Release your soul to safely land to

take a breath accept it here
Sealed with a landing single tear

Tears that seal the emptiness
Melt walls built on brokenness

Peace to come replace the hurt
Ground me now, in sifting dirt

Dirt to dust, my dear
Dust to lust, my dear
Lust to love, my dear

Only love, My dear

8/26/21 12:01am



4am heats got me movin

clock hands straight back to 10

This day lost and not even known

but last night - you knew me then.  

Back to 9 even 8

hands to face

sweat leaves trace

shoulder strap lace

heart to race -

You set the pace…

i cant
I just cant,

will you set the pace?

Please, set the pace.

first time feelin’
open mouth sealin’
tshirt peelin’
fingertips healin’
faces concealin’…

First time feeling…

Open mouth sealing…

Tshirt peeling...

Fingertips healing...

Hearts are stealing.


6am chills got me reachin
Hand searchin sheets for the hours
Blinding sun sends eyes closing
but just moments before…
i was yours.



Before Morning


5am before alarm sounds  
tear stain below head on cloud
Mind thoughts heart feelings

laying alone lost in the crowd
Bursting inside without any sound
Running to be found
soul starts to pound…
My feet havent even touched the cold ground

8/30/21 6:42am

I have been moved by love
I have been moved by your voice
I have been moved by a painting
I have been moved by the scent of a man’s cologne
I have been moved by a hug
I can now say I have been moved by a poem
All of my senses have been consumed

Repeat all please

You turned me on to words I’ve never heard.



in response to being shared the work of Amir Sulaiman

Midnight there you wrestle sleep
On me here sun sets in deep

8/31/21  9:31pm

Close to what you think you’re needin
darkness takes my breath for feedin   
prevents my heart from receivin

Soul ripped open initiate bleeding
swollen eyes kept from seeking
suppress the body’s need for sleeping

Truth must spill in honest revealin
hand in yours hold your dreamin
my love’s rest sent for your healin.  

So, so tired of concealing.



The Cliff


Seeing through your place of calm
Paper thin expose the harm
of scars disguised painted smile on
Release your grasp relief pray comes

Summon strength here to lift
Burdened weight to forced edge cliff
Flesh to white one to next
Abandon control to redirect

the path of love release control
Faith can drive I dont want to anymore
I dont want to anymore
I cant do it anymore.

But talk with me lay blanket of words to
mend the wounds with song soft chords
Until scars evidence appear
after it settles… will you still be here?

After it settles
please still be here.  


Seven Years


Seven years sealed the deal
from something we may never feel but
throw my cards in attempt to steal
refuse to lose what could be real.

So far between distance each
lyrics sung aid the reach
words unspoken finally unleashed
waves overcome in slow relief.

Drenched white-hot sun on skin
emotion soaked only to begin
so much felt just give in
granted with raw permission.

Battle won the imposed conceal
surrender space lips unsealed
soul’s hand unites hearts to heal
joined for ultimate reveal.

Seven years sealed the deal  
emotions thought we’d never feel
thrown cards expose passion’s appeal
patience gifted a love that’s finally - real.



Counting stars Fade drenched light

Bathed in warmth Unending sight

Shiver soaked skin Touched beneath

Soul chained with arms outreached


Who are you speaking to with those eyes

I think it's me I won't deny

But there I tell myself the lies

A hello that simply starts with goodbye.


I don’t see the stage  
I don’t see flashing lights
I don’t smell a massive crowd -
I only want to embrace quiet nights.

I don’t see outreached hands
I don’t see you on that level height
I don’t hear desperate screams -
I only see our bathroom night light.

I don’t see the band come on stage

I don’t see the want in eyes tonight
I don’t feel their desire of longing -
I only wait for our fire to ignite.

I don’t see nerves emerge
I don’t see reflection in your eyes
I don’t taste the sweat of the next -
I only need your body tonight by mine.  

I long to embrace quiet nights.
  and to see our bathroom light.
I long for our fire to ignite.
  and for your body
next to mine.

9/4/21  4:51pm



I burn that fucking feeling bright
Light the fire in summers night
Not worth the fight

towards morning’s light
Give me rest I beg tonight.

I’ve searched for you;
you’ve not been there
Forced to sleep without your stare
In a state of complete despair
Unmade bed do you even fucking care?

Feelings burned in embers bright
Touch the spot to ignite
Give me rest for one fucking night
Please understand you’re wanted…

Outright tonight.

Fucking outright tonight.

I want you tonight.

Only you. Tonight.


"Marry Me"


Always there for me so you say

Wrap your arms around me and

watch me slip away

Stand there with your righteous tone
Physically there yet I’m here alone

Whispered promises to get me here

Blanket of darkness made everything clear

I trusted you but heart mistreated

That mistake will never be repeated.

9/5/21  11:34pm

Safe Place


The safest place i could find i soared
Free to unhand the weight of the world
under the sun after God’s holy word
“Hold on tight to those chains baby girl”.

Holding my breath nearly reaching the sky
before toes touch the tips of blades that lie
momentum surrenders my body to rise
“Little love! It looks like you can fly!”

Squinting an eye to follow the rows
muffled engine hums wheels roll slow
Head down baseball hat mustache shows
“Honey, sun’s going down it’s ‘bout to get cold”.

I searched for a branch to safely land
the wind stopped upon my command
Tiny voice in opposition makes a mighty stand
“Sweetheart, please avoid his reprimand”.

Dark thick clouds swept ahead of the storm
heavy boots echo dropped on the floor
naked against the grate behind a bedroom door
She doesn’t have the strength to settle this score.

Stories page turns day to forevermore
I revisit that safe place after school at four
but the wind carries the clouds and slams the door…
“Baby, I’m sorry. He’s not coming home anymore.”

9/7/21  11:27pm

I open my mouth in screaming stance

Nothing ever comes out but this familiar dance

Stream to wet my lips lick to drink tears tips

Hands pressed to pounding head

Slowly exposed as moonlight's eclipse
Everyday so well as expected showing face  
While at night it erodes for the strength to only be erased

9/8/21  11:37pm

The Visit


Why devil, insist on visiting me?
Have I not proven persuasion unlikely?
I’ve worked so hard; stood my ground
Yet you slither and sneak all around…


Are you fucking kidding me?

You tempt and prod feed on my weak
Wait for my emptiness to deplete
Strike and split my heart in two  
And wanting ME? to deliver it to YOU?!

How dare you!

The control you seek is out of my hands
I’ll not bargain and find common ground
God keeps me safe according to His plan
I have proven I can withstand!

I will not give in to your fucking demands!

You take your place where you belong
I lie in comfort in my lovers’ song
No one! can take the melody I hear
It’s a gift to me! Let me make that clear!

9/9/21  11:27pm

Summer's Encore


Bridge throws shadow across my face
Turns brown eyes golden as we slow summers’ race
Gifted time yet none to waste
Throw it in reverse so we can retrace.

This new love started back in June
Under the lights of the stars and moon
Waves crashing blending with DKs tunes
It was simply a dream come true.

Windows down skin so fair
Wind playing with my hair
Painted toes in window glare
Strap slips glistening shoulder bare.

Your fingers lace into mine
Shivers sent dripping down my spine
Dance choreographed in my mind
Leaving everything but this behind.

10 degrees cooler as we reach the shore
Meter waiting grab coins on the floor
Slow pace walking these weathered boards
Patiently waiting summer’s encore.

Ocean bound as our steps sink in sand
Drink, food and friends ahead as planned
Reminiscing months of memories withstand
Resisting summer’s inevitable end.

9/10/21  12:43pm

No Receipt


Mile and a half north of the tracks
Sounds of the town night’s melody
Walking with caution’s guard at my back

Fighting the desire of love’s gravity

Hand in mine through summer’s heat
Pace picks up can’t stop this beat
Limbs entwined darkness beneath
Not givin’ back - got no receipt

Daytime brings church bells haze
Schoolyard laughter distance speaks
Engines speeding on the expressway
Still under covers - passion seeks

Hand in mine through summer’s heat
Pace picks up can’t stop the beat
Limbs entwined darkness beneath
Not givin’ back - got no receipt

Southend field fog starts to lift
Loosening begins of each other’s grips
Eyes close again start to drift
Alarm sounds and…


you have left…

9/11/21  10:14pm

In Time

White veil lifts what scars cant hide
the plateau of love’s appeal
In my being where another resides
Painting behind left to reveal.

Shot straight through to canvas red  
What once was white pure passion fed
Door flew open words drip unsaid
Drowning in waters left untread.

I didn’t need any words
I didn’t need some story told
No flightpath of lonesome birds
Only your arms around me to fold.  

Wasted time…
Now there’s no chance anymore.  

. . .

Black veils cover in sea behind
Soft keys float through air above
Tears dried by hand of wind
Cold ground unfolds depth of love.

Brought to rest with a sip of wine
Street crossed in single file line
Black shadows follow to define
Rest to come under my design.

I didn’t want any words
Never intended my body betrayed
No clear sight vision blurred
I just needed someone to stay.

Wasted time…
Better off - just look away.

9/21/21  5:24pm

The Gift

She grew up drawing on bags of brown paper
and with water from a bottle on cement
While silent attacks tried to break her
With these things she became content.

The bags were tossed and hard ground would dry
She was told her art was a gift
But through soft lips flow river of lies
Helped navigate this map of conflict.

Feelings cover paint-stained hands
Washed away under pouring rain
Words spoke she could never understand
All along it wasnt art - the gift was her pain.

10/1/21  10:19am

Your face above watches over me
You dont even know
Soaked with flooded emotion
Every time its exposed.

It feeds the addiction
Nothing else can control
I crave it in the desert
Of my drought filled soul

Tongue can taste the beer on yours
Or so the story goes
Distance hides what’s written next
One touch will soon unfold.

10/3/21  8:34am