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I moved to Michigan in June of 2000 but was born and raised in New Jersey with New York City as my "backyard". When 9|11 happened, I was 6 months pregnant with my first child. Above was the first time visiting the city and the memorial with my sister and nephew. Unbelievable to this day still and so moving.

Growing up, the bus or train would carry us into the city so often to museums and Broadway shows; whether it was a class trip or family outing. Even when I was little I would spend the day on occasion wandering the streets with my father. My sister worked in Manhattan for a decade. My brother-in-law was supposed to have a meeting in one of the towers that day. I have friends who still live and work in the city. Up to this current day, anytime something comes on about 9|11, I can't pull away.

Until next time... XO

I came across these going through some of my old files. I had made these fabric frames back in 2013! My girls room has gone through so many phases as they've grown up... from crib and toddler bed, to bunk beds, to twin beds... from pale yellow to white to pink and now grey. I am really good at rearranging beds, desks and dressers in a very small space. Looking at these now, maybe one day I can make these frames again with my own fabric designs!

Until next time... XO

I believe wholeheartedly that we meet people throughout our lives for a reason. The key is realizing the reason.

It could be a brief encounter at a rest stop on a road trip, someone ahead of us in line that paid for your coffee, a friendship from grade school, a few month relationship, or - a 20 year marriage. It could be someone that bought something from you at your garage sale; maybe someone you ran into at the grocery store... It all happens for a reason. I've realized over the years to look up more often, make eye contact and see who is in my path and smile! Life is about connection - we can't live without it.

I'll tell you a little about myself along the way with each post, each painting, each design. At a quick glance you can see some things here that make me, me - my favorite things, what I'm passionate about, what I'm currently reading, current podcasts I'm listening to, and music that I'm currently soaking in. I'll let you in on something: I am not a writer. This is completely stretching that creative outlet - so let's see how it goes. Be gracious with me. :)

I'm originally from the East Coast but have lived in southeast Michigan since 2000.

My goal here is to share what inspires me and where that may take me in my thought process of creating. Maybe it will inspire you too.

Until next time... XO

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