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Another year. A lot of change and adjustments. I don't know how I do it sometimes honestly and other times don't know how to continue.

We went on our first kayak trip this year - so. much. fun. I lost my cat this year too though. so. sad. Yet every time I walked with Cali in the evening - look at what I saw.

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I don't even want to put any words to this post; this photo is beautiful. I took it dropping my daughter off at her friends house. I was supposed to be at a concert tonight but I had to cancel my plans last minute. I was so disappointed but honestly, look at this.

Until next time... XO

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While I worked with the team at Sphere Trending, we put together both digital and physical trend boards similar to this, many times on a larger scale. I love creating these inspiration boards now for my own work - a visual idea board. This board highlights one of my invitation designs, showing how to coordinate your wedding theme throughout your entire day.

Until next time... XO

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