I just updated my list of podcasts here that I've been listening to lately. Above are just 3 of them. Whine Down with Jana Kramer and co-hosts Kristen Brust and Kathryn Woodard is one of my favorites! They compliment each other so well and I'm always laughing!

Another one is Dateline. I'm obsessed with true-crime investigative stories. I seem to listen to this on my hour long evening walk with my dog. lol

A new one that just started is The Creative Professional with Bonnie Christine. I've followed her artwork for years and having this podcast where she shares her process and what she's learned over the years is a true benefit for any designer.

I still watch some shows but for the last few years my time is spent mostly listening to music, podcasts, reading, or just in silence. :) The shows I've watched most recently are The Handmaid's Tale and The Kardashians.

I also keep an audio book on my phone to listen to on my walks or on the treadmill. My current one is The Sweetness of Water by Nathan Harris.

Any recommendations when I'm ready for something new?

Until next time... XO

Here's a look at how one of my paintings develop using watercolor brush pens. I use a few different brands but the link will give you an idea. Along with the watercolor brush pens I use the brush pens you have to fill with water - similar to these. The other tools I use doing these paintings is a mixed media pad and paper towel. This style has continued over the past few years for me. I didn't like watercolor at all when I was in college. It took many years to let go of control some other mediums offered and just give in to watercolor. Now, I love it. Focusing on painting the face lets me show so many different emotions. I can't stop. Someone close to me said a few years ago that the faces were becoming "redundant". Can you believe it? I told him I'd stop doing them when they stop coming to me. :)

Until next time... XO

I don't even want to put any words to this post; this photo is beautiful. I took it dropping my daughter off at her friends house. I was supposed to be seeing Dermot Kennedy in concert tonight but I had to cancel my plans last minute. I was so disappointed but honestly, look at this.

Until next time... XO